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Seeking to date your ideal match? Then here we are having the most trusted, genuine, free of cost, secured, place where you can find out the right partner to date. If your priority is to date Indian women, then from our website, you can easily find out the right one. It is the best place where you can find Indian or will speak your native Indian languages.

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Why register with Date Ind?

  • Free of cost

    You will not need to pay anything as we are the only free dating sites for women 

  • Data Protection

    We will never share your personal information along with others

  • Authenticated Users

    From our website, you can easily get connected along with the verified or confirmed users

  • Save time

    Searching for the dating partner along with us is quite easy. Just select the partner with whom you want to meet

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    Search for the partner using the simple, secure, and innovative mobile application

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An Easy, Quick and Free Medium to date Indian women


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We are having thousands of Indian males having different religions, which you will love to connect. Whether you are young, teenage, married women, you will surely enjoy browsing our mobile app. Our application is made from those who are looking for romance, love, partner, friend, or someone with whom they can share their worries.

Start your new life with a cup of tea, with our free dating service in India. From Date Ind, you will have the ultimate experience of dating, which is free of cost. We are getting popular day-by-day, and today we are having thousands of Indian users from across the World.

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Have a few questions? Of course you do. We've got answers!

Is there is any need to pay something while registering with Date Ind?

It is the primary concern that everyone faces while registering with us. While you want to register, then you will not need to pay anything, and this is the primary benefit to choose our free Indian dating sites without payment.

Whether I can change your username, password, or any other personal information?

Changing personal information along with our website, is very much straightforward, along with us. Just log in and click on update your information or edit to change your desired information.

Whether I can send messages?

Yes, you can easily send messages to anyone within our website. You can send a request to anyone within our website, which is so much easy.

Whether I can send images or my contact details along with the others?

Yes, you can send pictures or your contact details along with others. Your security is our primary concern, and therefore, our phone number is completely secure while you are registering along with us.

Whether I can connect with customer care, during any problem?

Yes, our support team is available 24/7 to get connected along with you to resolve all of your doubts or problems. You do not need to get worried while you are registering along with us.

Whether I can block any member within the website?

Yes, you can easily block any member on this website. While doing so, he or she will not send you messages again. You can also report a particular member.

Whether I will receive email notifications or not?

Yes, I will receive email notifications if any of the members message you or want to get connected along with us. Then you will receive information on your registered email address. You can also block emails as well.

Is there is essential to set a profile picture?

We are a trusted website, where you can date with Indian men. So, it is vital to set your real profile pictures. So, that others will have an idea about how you look.