1. Account and profile

From where do I need to kick in

First, register yourself at Registration is available either with the Facebook or Google. You can also sign up a new account at This is the very first point that you do need to do for kicking in


What do I need to pay for joining at

Joining at is completely free. You can become a user of the platform with no cost.


How will I get to know that my account has been activated?

After joining at, you will get the notification to your registered number or email address. sends a verification link along with the username and password (as per your profile creation) and by clicking on that link you will be directed to and the account will be activated.


How can I create a ‘Perfect match’ profile?

To make your profile attractive, add an attractive recent photograph along with the short and eye-catchy description. Be accurate and honest as much as you can while filling information in your profile. Lastly, don’t forget to add your phone number and link few glimpses of your social accounts.

The more like you will get, the more popular your profile will be. Keep your profile up to date for being noticeable.


I want to change some information on my profile and update it. How can I customise my profile?

From background to frequent status updates, you can do everything on its ‘wall.’ If you want to change city, occupation, email address or such other things, you can just click on ‘edit profile’ and change whatever you want.


Can I create multiple profiles?

No, you cannot create multiple profiles from a single email address or one username. If it is found, might block you or delete other accounts.


How I’ll reach other members or search new members?

After account activation, you can search members by city and username. It is recommended to make your profile public and sync your social contacts for getting more traffic. Also, you can invite people by using the option ‘invite your friends.’


How can I meet a good match?

Once you create your profile and make it public, people around you will be able to check your profile. Also, you can also check other public profiles on the platform. According to your requirements dropped in profile, sends you matching date via email and notifications. Just check them and ping people to know more about them.


How can I deactivate or delete my account at

Deactivating account and removing your account from is different. If you wish to deactivate your account, check out your general and privacy settings and click the link ‘deactivate account.’ For this, you will have to type your password and your account will be deactivated. Whenever you will log in again, your account will be reactivated automatically. Also, you can set the frequency of auto-activation after one week or fifteen days.


Why am I unable to log into my profile?

Even after resetting your profile and password, you are unable to log in. Your profile may have been suspended due to policy violation or report abuse. Please contact to support team or get in touch with help center if you are getting such problem.


  1. Password and privacy

How can I change my password?

It is very easy to change a password. After logging in with the regular password, go to the settings, and change the password. You will have to mention the old password once before creating or verifying a new password. After the successful change in the password, your account will automatically log out from all browsers.

I forgot my password. Now, how can I log in again?

Use the feature ‘forgot password’ for recovering the password. We will send you a new password along with username to your registered number or mail account. If you registered yourself with any social media connection, you can use that too to log in again.

To whom my messages and photos are visible? provides completely optional security. You can hide your status and photos at any time. Your messages are visible only to the person who you send messages. If you create groups and drop messages there, all people in the group will be able to see the message and photos that you share.

Someone is bothering me again and again. How can I avoid?

If someone is bothering you again and again, you can either block the user or report him or her. By reporting a user, our moderators will be intimated with the issues and they will look into the matter.

How can I block or unblock users?

At every user’s profile, you will get the blocking and unblocking option. You can use it to block and unblock people. If you want to see the list of all blocked person, just check your account setting and click on ‘block users.’


  1. Social media connection and other settings

I don’t want to sync my social contacts, what should I do?

Even if you register yourself through Facebook or google, you can opt not to sync your contacts. Syncing contacts is optional. You can change this option any time in your security and setting section.

How can I get matches according to my requirements?

You can click your requirements in the section ‘encounters’ or ‘search.’ Here, you can add filters according to your requirements of the city, age group, and purpose.

What is 3D city and how it is useful to me?

This is an interesting live feature on the website where you and other user can plan a meeting. Don’t miss it! It can be the real start of a perfect relationship.

Will I lose my matches and connections if I deactivate the account?

No, you will not lose connections and matches if you deactivate your account temporary. Once you will reactivate your account, you will get all connection as it is. But yes, if you are deleting your account permanently, you will lose all your progress and matches at

I don’t want to receive email and notifications from, what should I do?

By changing your settings, you can opt not to get emails and notifications. Unsubscribe it from your email and turn off the notification in your account at

I am facing some technical difficulties while using How can it be resolved?

Please contact our customer or help center and tell about the issue. Also, you can take the screenshot of error and mail us the problem with the description of the problem.


  1. Contact us

Still have a question? If you do not find your answers in above FAQs, you can contact us directly. Just drop your mail address along with the query, we will resolve it shortly.

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