10 Things What Every Woman Wants in a Man

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Read the top 10 things what every woman wants in a man. Find out the general priorities are considered by women. Follow Dateind’s online dating tips here!

Men are simple beings who like to solve complications and speak their mind. They express what they feel directly without any kind of innuendo. If he thinks a woman is attractive; he will approach and express his feelings. If he finds a lady interesting and intelligent, he will want to know her better. Men like to think of it in a simple way. This is not the case with women. They like to prepare a wish list and tick the traits found in men to make a prime choice. It is like preparing a grocery list with all the priorities mentioned. In fact, they like to discuss it with their gal pals. 

The topic ‘What women want’ is a vortex. It is tough to reach the end and find out what she actually wants. If the general priorities are considered then here is the list of 10 remarkable traits a woman wants in a man.

Ten Traits a Woman Wants

As per the polls on the free online dating sites, these are the ten things a woman wants in a man.

1. Nice Grooming

The first and foremost thing a woman generally watches in a man is the way he grooms himself. It shows how much he is careful regarding the way he looks. Men, who spend time to groom themselves, are conscious about their looks and like to be attractive in the crowd. Women like those men who tend to stay different from the crowd. You need to dress well and look chic. Use a good perfume to mask the manly odor. It is time to find the best clothes and the best grooming kit to emerge like a diva.

2. Assertive

No one likes a person who is fickle minded. The same stands true for all the womenfolk. You need to make apt and prompt decisions and stick to them. Deciding a restaurant or buying new clothes, your assertiveness will reflect a strong attribute in your character. This will make you look more attractive to a woman for sure. Your action of sticking to what you believe when its right will reflect that you have a strong character and is not usually affected by others.

3. Prince Charming

This is what every girl dreams of. They all want to be with Prince Charming. Charm is a particular trait that all men do not possess. In fact, some of the men also find it hard to talk to the women. Charming is a far-fetched plan for them. A woman will always prefer someone who will keep her happy and frolic whenever he is around. All you can do in this aspect is to keep yourself casual. Remove the rigidness from your character and change your body language. Improvement is the first step to become a charming person first. You also need to learn a lot of manners in this case. The key to success here is to think. Imagine how a woman will react if you behave the way you do and try to make the situation better. 

4. Good Physique

Health is what reflects your consciousness. Your belly fat will not be the ideal trait. You will have to trim down yourself if you are overweight. If you are thin, then you need to work and own an athletic figure. Your physical workout sessions will make you shredded and radiant. The glow of your skin will automatically increase. Your body language will also change a lot and you will gain extreme confidence while talking to a woman. The Best Dating Apps suggest that you need to look natural. Stop using editing apps and go for a physical training session.

5. Sense of humor

This is one of the most important traits one should have to impress a woman. The sense of humor is the fortifying character of your personality. Women find it very attractive in a man. They like someone who will keep them happy and laughing all the time. The sense of humor also represents the intelligence level of a man. A girl will know once she starts talking with you. It is a very attractive quality that will make sure she falls for you. A woman likes the touch of humor when she talks or walks with you. She can guarantee that she will have a good time with you. You must have a funny and positive approach towards life. 

6. Do not be a pushover

Stop being a pushover and take the lead. A pushover is someone who accepts something easily just to avoid any kind of friction or conflict. Every woman in the best dating websites and apps has depicted this trait to be a negative one. No one likes a person who does not know how to take a stand. This type of man is easy to manipulate and use. Set your principles and follow your heart. Present your opinion when you think someone is wrong.

7. Stability

This might be the secondary character of a strong man but it matters for a woman. You need to have a good job or a vision that defines you. She might not be falling for the salary figure but will like to see that you are dedicatedly working on something. It might sound selfish but a man will also prefer a beautiful woman over an ugly one. Stabilize your vision and future. It is considered as an attractive quality by a woman.

8. Respectful

When a woman finds you are a respected man in the group, she will definitely fall for you. She will believe others’ decision to respect you and will seek the reason behind it. It is quite simple actually. People respect and love you for a reason she will want to be a part of it. If people do not like you, she will obviously not look for the reason and back off. If you think that it is not your fault, you need to walk away or stand up to claim your respect. 

9. Confidence

A confident man is envied by everyone. This is also what a girl likes to adore. It also reflects how strong you are from the inside. She will find it very attractive and tend to believe in you as you are one of them who do not run away and stand strong.

10. Easing the Environment

Once a woman finds it very comfortable to talk to you, she will forget all nervousness and will be herself. If you can make her feel relaxed and comfortable then she will surely become your friend. Do not give creepy stares or rigid behavior that will make her uncomfortable. The first conversation will decide whether you will have a second one or not. Try to ease her and behave like you are a close friend. She will open up slowly and will find it easier to converse with you. When you Meet Singles Online, you need to chat in a way where she feels extremely comfortable. 


Remember these ten things a woman want when you want to Find Local Singles and go for a date. Trust your instincts and behave in a casual way. Let her feel that you are her close friend. Get to know her and let her know you. This is how you can build a strong and fruitful relationship with a special one.