Best Dating Advice for Men

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Are you looking for the best dating advice for men? Then don’t go further, read ideas about dating advice for men, online dating and all the tips that you need.

When it comes to dating, there are no shortcuts, how you treat the other person, decides ultimately whether you are going to hit the bull’s eye or not. But you can increase the chances by following certain tips. 

Gone the times, when men were dominating and women were needed to do various things to impress them. Now, masculine are also expected to do lots of preparation for their dates. No matter, you are registered to the best free Indian dating sites; the ins and outs of dating are quite confusing for single boys these days. 

Some men find it difficult to approach the lady first, some other ends up in a big blunder by spilling out words without thinking while having a two-way conversation on various hookup sites in India, all these attributes to one’s traits. So it’s definitely important to understand where you fall, recognize your traits to match up with the traits of the other person.

Be who you are, nothing else is more important! 

Many masculine make this mistake when he asks a girl out. Don’t try to glorify yourself by being somebody in disguise. Never do that, a genuine feminine only loves your true self, so expose that to her, be honest in your ways and words, it’s undoubtedly going to help you in the long run. 

It is not necessary to be a ‘cool’ guy in all the clips. Be who you are exactly! Be transparent enough to keep yourself clear in her eyes. Honesty is something that ladies like the most. So, be clear and honest about your intentions. 

Don’t neglect your appearance!

The cloth says it all, make sure to take a bath and dress up decently. Well, decent look doesn’t mean that you do need to put on a suit and tie to impress your date. But it is advisable to incorporate the choices of your date. Wear whatever defines you the best and make your appearance the finest from your side at least. 

Things should be coordinated in such a way that your appearance looks the perfect one. Appearance is just not about the looks and clothing; it’s all about the mix of your confidence and grace on your face along with your expressions.

Get a second opinion if required!

If you are feeling unsure about the date or be it any worry, try to sort it out by talking to a female friend, she’d definitely be able to provide you the necessary aids. As a female knows better what she wants to have in a man on any date, so your good female friend might help on the things you are clueless.

Take initiatives!

Don’t lose confidence and take initiative. Give your conversation a good start. Though the whole conversation is on the spot work but you can decide first few questionnaires in order to kick a fine and interesting start. 

Figure out what your woman likes instead of just asking ‘what do you want to do?’ It shows your attentiveness and desire to make her feel happy. So, estimate the date accordingly.

Stay attentive to her!

Your diversion to anywhere else may spoil your entire projections. So, be attentive towards your baby or ‘feminine-beauty,’ listen to her patiently, notice her, give her comfort, and keep constant eye contact. These small ideas will make your date very romantic and successful. Give attention to what she’s saying and ask questions to clarify things that would help in building a firm relationship.

Don’t use your phone frequently!

The major issue among today’s couple is smartphone and social media. If you use your phone every after few minutes or check its notification bar frequently, it may indicate the girl that you are not much interested in her. 

Pay attention to the little things. When a man pays attention to each every small yet important things of her girl, it speaks more than words and any gesture. The little things count more than anything else!

Humor is the key!

Most of the ladies love men who can make her laugh, it’s not necessary that you try hard to strike a joke, but make the conversation a little fun for that would create a good memory of you in her mind and the day would be obviously remembered. Ah, don’t drop ‘F-Bombs,’ a judgmental voice of her can ruin your future plans. 

Consider, humor is very different from twisty language. Be the gentlemen! And be decent enough to open doors for her and hold seats out.

Don’t babble out about your ex!

Make sure that you don’t talk about your ‘ex’ in between conversation. Even if she asks about it, try not to give any elaborating essays of the same, assure your date that it was your past and more like a history now, you are interested in your date at the moment. Along with this, you must avoid talking about money matters. 

Keep the eyes in front!

Your date is the center of attraction on your date. So, don’t look here and there, don’t give her a clue that you are a little hesitant on the date. Keep the sight in front and have a sound optic-contact while having a conversation. Don’t get the sneaky look at your watch or phone; it might give her a clue that you are not crazy enough to love her.

Drop some compliments

Buttering is the most common way to cheese a girl though, but it is quite better to drop true extolments and make her feel extraordinary. Praising from hearts are always welcomed wholeheartedly, the other person must have dedicated precious hours to reach the place in the best way possible, never leave that unnoticed, put an effort to make them aware that you care for the same and accolade them with a compliment. 

Make her experience that she is very special and is only your world!

Don’t reveal future plans!

Live in the present and talk much about your past and future. Give your 100% at your ‘date-time’ and grab the maximum satisfaction out of it. Just enjoy the date and avoid needless talks. Being mystery is good as it leaves with some interest. If you’ll reveal all of you in a date or two, there would nothing much to reveal after some passes and she might lose interest in you.