Best Qualities that Women Like in Men

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Do you want to be that guy to whom girls are looking for? Before registering at any dating sites, read our dating tips to know what qualities women like in men.

Entering in a relationship is easier on fake promises, but maintaining it is a task if you don’t possess some of the best qualities in you that fiercely appeal a woman to stay with you life-long.

No matter if a woman is searching for a guy on top Indian dating sites or around nearby areas, one thing is very common. Most of the women look for the ‘tough guy with a heart of gold.’ 

Do you want to be that guy to whom girls are looking for? Before registering at any dating sites for Indian singles, I advise to all masculine’s to read this article to know what qualities woman like in men:

Love and respect! 

It is the most common point that every relationship requires. While spending time on free dating websites in India, girls first test the guys from their own filter of love and respect and after being assured, they choose the perfect match for them. Be the person who loves unconditionally!

Women don’t like a boy who doesn’t respect her. Apart from tickling or funny talks, boys are not expected to make fun of the things that hurt the respect of feminine. 


‘Dress well and look good!’ The element of good grooming is expected by most of the women when it comes to opposite gender attraction. No matter where do you belong to, a charming face, appealing personality and assertive behaviour pulls the attention of feminine. 

A perfect combination of handsome face, optimum height, muscular build, and fitness matters a lot for a sexy look. Create a ‘wow’ element in your looks and stuck the eyeballs of women by being the macho man. 

Loyalty and Honesty!

A most demanded factor for true and long relation is ‘loyalty and honesty.’ Without it, guys are labelled as just ‘play boys’ and good and decent girls don’t like play boys at all. For building a sound understanding, girls search for a guy who can be trusted blindly and is loyal to her for the rest of your life.


Caring and sensitivity go hand by hand. There are better chances that if a guy is sensitive, he would be more caring in nature. A guy who pampers her girl like a father is assumed to be the best one! Increase the element of fatherliness if you want to be the first choice of every woman. 


Intelligence doesn’t mean that girls like studious guys. It only means that girls prefer to be with the guys who have some talent, a good amount of knowledge, skill of spontaneous answers, confident or anything on which she can be proud. No matter, it is artistic, physical or anything else; you must have something that grabs the attention of women.


Serious faces are most liked by intelligent girls. Being serious doesn’t mean that you are an introvert or weird, it only means that you take things seriously. When you are at work, you are very serious about your things and don’t take things for granted. The seriousness in guys showcase their passion, girls feel the seriousness more appealing and true for the long-term. 


Simplicity is an additional factor for many women, but at the same time, it is not liked by others. Girls, who are simple, sincere, and morally strong, look for a guy who is simple and sober. Being simple doesn’t mean that you don’t have a sense of style, it only means that you know how to maintain decency in dressing, walking, and talking. 


A good sense of humour helps in connecting people. Undoubtedly, girls love to have a guy who makes them smile. So, jolly nature and a fine sense of humour touches the soft heart of feminine and they get attracted towards the guy gradually. 

Not only the starting of the relationship but also for the long-lasting relationship, humour is one of the most important traits that work as a bridge between man and woman. Without jolly nature, guys are mostly labelled as the ‘boring men.’ 


The clause of ‘individuality’ is applicable to girls who are very ambitious. Ambitious girls look for a person who can give them space, decision making power and don’t overburden them with all-time calls and chats. 

Well, individuality is an art, not a quality. Don’t be too dependent on the woman that she gets frustrated and doesn’t get time for herself. 

Comfort zone!

Woman demands a man who gives such space and comfort level that she can spill out her things and open the heart without any hesitation of being judgemental. If you behave rudely to others, it is assumed that it is your basic nature. So, give space and comfort to everybody in order to become a confident conversationalist. 

Nature should be very gladden and understanding so that there is a lesser amount of disputes and arguments. 


Some women believe that life is only comfortable if you live with a successful or a rich guy. Of course, not everybody can get the celebrity partner in their lives, but many one looks for a guy who is rich or monetary sound enough to give her a luxury life.

Simply, you must have a good job and a fantastic place to live in order to get a girl in your life!