5 Online Dating Tips on Starting a Conversation

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If you have a fear of online dating conversation, it is normal. Follow our simple 5 online dating tips that work best when you start a conversation online.

You have created your profile and might be wondering how to start a conversation that leaves a good impression on the other person. But you hesitate to be the one to start a conversation? Don’t. Every single person on this platform is looking for someone perfect for them, so hesitating only reduces your chance of finding someone perfect for you.

So, here are a few tips from our end to help you start a conversation with that smart guy/cute girl you’ve been meaning to talk to,

Slip in a casual “Hi”:

Most of the time when you meet somebody offline you just go by saying a "Hi", "Hello", or a "Hey" followed by introducing yourself. You can follow the same technique online. Just slide in a message saying "Hey" and then introducing your name. At the same time, you should use a phrase asking about them in order to leave the conversation for them to complete like – "Hey I'm Rahul, How you been?" or "Hey I'm Anjali, nice meeting you here". 

This helps the reader feel the conversation opens up to them and they naturally respond most of the time.

Ask questions:

This doesn’t mean shoot questions. They shouldn’t feel like they are a part of some investigation. When you like someone, read their profile. Yes, stalk it. But just don’t get obsessed with it. You need to just understand what kind of a person he/she is. Do they like animals, do they cook, do they enjoy movies or so. These things are visible clearly on their profiles. Then, just slide some random casual questions during your conversation depending on their profile like- “So you like dogs? I have a dog too, her name is Murphy.” 

Be straight forward:

You surely know what your intentions are, that is the reason you should be direct to them. You need to tell them exactly what you are looking for and to see if they want the same. Don’t be rude just say things like – “I’m interested in you and want to know more about you, what are your thoughts?” or “I saw your profile, I think we both make a great pair”. When you are to the point, the answers come quickly, you can choose your actions based on that.

Share something personal (not pictures just stories):

If you really like someone, go ahead and tell them about your dreams and what kind of relationship you think you want. Sometimes when you share these personal details about you, that makes them feel special. Never end up sharing your pictures to a stranger. Tell them stories that inspire you and see if they react the way you want them to.

Suggest a real date: 

Once you know the other person respect, understand, trust and like you. Ask them out for a date. As important as this screening process of yours is, real dates are above that. You two can only make it work if you both want it. Once you both agree on meeting in reality, things are going to go smoothly if you two are made for each other.

So these are some of our tips on how to start a conversation and how to take it ahead. Good luck and take your time. 

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