Best Dating Sites for Females

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Have a look at the top online dating sites for female. Browse DateInd a free dating site for girls that help you find your Mr. Right. Read more here!

The virtual world of the internet is a cold, harsh place for women. More often than not, people tend to troll women mercilessly or indulge in some of the other kind of cybercrimes. Females who look for friends or a dating partner online can often end up being a victim of severe cybercrime. People online can be really insensitive and dangerous sometimes. So, it is always better to keep a check on the privacy settings of various social platforms and dating apps.

Looking for a partner online is an in-thing nowadays. Girls, who are single and want to mingle are choosing online dating sites. There may be several reasons to go online in search of a perfect partner. Maybe she is not finding any suitable partner in her society or workplace. Perhaps she is looking for someone unique. Finding a partner on online dating sites is the current trend. However, there are specific safety issues for girls regarding online dating. A girl or woman needs to be very careful while dating a person whom she has chosen online. Sometimes, such a partner may turn out to be a fraud. Hence, girls should be extra cautious before selecting an online dating site. Following are some of the best dating sites for girls:


It is one of the best free dating websites for girls. Girls or women of any age can register themselves in this app and keep looking for the perfect dating partner. The team of DateInd has the ultimate aim of finding a suitable partner for you. They ensure to make love one of the most beautiful phase of your life. Love always blossoms with the right person. And DateInd is one of the leading free dating sites for girls that help you find your Mr. Right.

It is a Bangalore based dating website. It ensures that when a girl meets her Mr. Right for the first time, the moment is perfect and mesmerizing. They help make the experience smooth and easy-going. DateInd focuses on matching the interests of a girl with the correct partner. This makes it easy for a girl to select her perfect dating partner.

DateInd has the ultimate aim of providing smooth user experience. So they ensure their privacy policies and terms and conditions are absolutely customer friendly.

DateInd takes care to make the site completely safe for females. They have features like safety guidelines, reporting, and blocking, lengthy sign-up, controlled visibility, and fraud prevention. These features indeed make the website one of the best local dating sites. Girls can be tension free and try to find local singles. DateInd is undoubtedly one of the top free dating sites for girls, which ensures their complete safety.


With an experience of more than twenty years, this dating site is in the second position when it comes to ensuring safety about girls. It takes time and helps you find your ideal partner in six months. There is no rush to choose. They offer a free membership up to the first six months of registration.

Since you are spending more time to choose your partner, it decreases the risk of any kind of fraud. They guarantee you a perfect partner in six months. Even then, if you are unable to select a dating partner, they provide you another six months' time period, which is absolutely free. They also provide sufficient background information about potential partners. Also, you are able to choose your dating partner based on the required personality traits you have enlisted with the site. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best dating sites for girls.


It was earlier a Facebook app. However, now it serves as one of the best local dating sites for females. The team of Zoosk has taken the help of artificial intelligence to understand the likes and dislikes of the user. This website ensures that a girl has a safe dating experience when she chooses a match from this site. There are several features that help in achieving complete safety for girls.

They provide safety guidelines that you must follow if you do not want to land up in any kind of problem during online dating. Also, it provides a lengthy sign-up. This ensures that the number of fake accounts is absolutely low or zero. Also, Zoosk allows you to report and block any potential match who is irritating or bothering you. 

Thus, Zoosk is also one of the leading local dating sites that enable you to find local singles. They do not compromise with your safety at any cost.


This dating site is meant for those who want to get settled. It is one of the best dating sites for girls that focuses on long term relationships. If you are serious about getting married, then you can definitely use this dating site to find the right partner.

Since this dating site emphasizes on serious dating and does not promote casual dating, the chances of any risk are quite low. A girl on this site can be assured that the match who she is selecting is on the same page about commitment. Also, EHarmony, one of the leading local dating sites, provide a female user with feature like controlled visibility, reporting and blocking, lengthy sign-up, and so on.

If you are a girl and are looking for a serious relationship, then without any hesitation, opt for EHarmony, one of the leading best free dating websites.


This dating site is for women who are bold, independent and prefer making the first move. If you are a girl and are concerned about your safety while online dating, then goes for Bumble. No creepy man can text you first. It is you who will decide whom to text and whom to not. It also has features like controlled visibility, lengthy sign-up process, reporting and blocking, fraud prevention, etc. Bumble also provides specific safety guidelines.

If a girl follows these guidelines strictly, she will, for sure, remain safe. Bumble strives towards making the date a mesmerizing and perfect experience for the users. They ensure that the date does not turn out to be a nightmare for a girl. It is a totally safe dating site for female users. They need not worry about falling prey to any cybercrime.

In a nutshell: 

If you are a modern girl who wants to choose her Mr. Right on an online dating site, here is the list of five best dating sites. These dating websites are perfect for you to find local singles. You need not worry about issues like user experience and authenticity. These are indeed one of the leading free dating sites. There is absolutely no risk of any kind of fraud or cybercrime. Females can rest assured about their safety issues and select a perfect partner for dating. They can choose a dating partner on the basis of their nature, required personal traits, backgrounds, looks, and so on. The safety features of these dating sites, for instance, lengthy sign up process, controlled visibility, fraud prevention, reporting and blocking, safety guidelines, etc. assure the girls of their complete safety. Hope this list comes handy to you and clear all your doubts.

So ladies set aside all the inhibitions and start swiping. Happy dating!