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Learn about some common online dating mistakes every men and women may be making right now. So, learn here common mistakes to avoid on the dating sites.


This may seem obvious, but choosing a dating site to use is important.

Depending on your expectations, some sites will be more likely to satisfy you. Suppose you are just looking for a super beautiful, rich and skilled child, then Elite Rencontre will be your place! For more options, maybe a site like Mit-U is best for you? And if you place a special emphasis on physics, choose sites or profiles that have a higher rating or those or optical premiums. Navigating a site that is not what you are looking for is a waste of time.


Hi, my name is Carol, I’m 29 years old, I love cats, I read and listen to music. Do you like this sound? No, it is not! Profiles of this type are common on the Internet and are not curious, as they are extremely common.

On a dating site you are looking for originality, fun, a profile that makes you want to dig a little. Do your own to provoke those who advise her, leaving some of the mystery behind or playing with humor.

Also, photos should emphasize you and you must place at least one photo of yourself. Otherwise, it is almost zero contact guaranteed.


I developed it a little higher, but a poor description can ruin your chances of meeting you. Try to be concise and concise and tell about yourself and your expectations in these few lines.

The fact is that anyone who reads this description says to himself: this woman looks great, I would like to know her a little more ...


Sometimes there are quite a few ... scary profiles. Put in your head a man looking in a profile of “Looking for a wife” or “Looking for children as soon as possible” (true!). Be honest, but be careful. Incorrect photo. This is the first thing the user sees: photo. It is enough to say that the choice is crucial and it is unlikely that it is prohibitive. What you can’t do: a fashionable photo ID “I am from prison” or a bold photo (no, ladies, it does not necessarily relieve you of responsibility and may harm you). Instead, choose a natural and happy photo that shows and breathes in a good mood, such as a holiday photo.

Too much naivete?

When you come across a profile that you like, don’t go far when you see a photo of this hot guy! Sometimes spontaneity is good, but communicating with a profile just for a photo is rarely a good idea. If the rest, expectations and desires do not follow, you will waste your time.


This is a widespread phenomenon that affects us all! We begin to talk with the man, listen to him, ask him questions, talk a little about his life ... and the virtual relationship becomes the same as in the MSN discussions! Remember that you are looking for a life partner, not a friend.

Always keep the required distance and do not conduct a detailed analysis, otherwise, you will become confidential.


Beware of addiction. Timelines are full of opportunities, but you need to know how to disconnect, take a step back for meetings. If you are online all the time, some people will think that you are desperate ...

OPT for a common name

For a meeting to succeed, it takes time to build a relationship of trust. Those who act too quickly will do it

(1) Throw their interlocutor (yes, men are traps)

(2) Lose his desire to know more about a date.

If all is said, why will the meeting be organized?


Chronological sites are an opportunity to make the first choice of potential candidates and to get to know them better before meeting them in "real life". Take advantage of it and make no mistake by giving your number or address after two hours of chat. It is very important to know who you are dealing with and to take all precautions before starting a "real meeting".


You don't have to go to someone you haven't impressed. Do not think about a fantastic life, a superhero profession or the size of a Swedish model, what good is it? Sooner or later, if things change (and that's the goal, right?), You will end up being exposed and everything may not be in your interest ... Instead, trust yourself and do your assets and dispose of them. What's worse than being on the Internet? In particular, do not have fun with it, because if your interlocutor discovers it, you will immediately destroy a beautiful potential meeting.

On the Internet, you have to know how to be honest, because that's what it's all about.