Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to as well as to application and website related to Before accessing the site or entering to it, you must have to agree with the privacy policy and terms of use.

Reading the privacy policy is recommended before registering yourself. Giving the consent for the same does only mean that you are responsible for everything that happens beyond the platform.

Source of information collected by

There is only one way by which collects information. Whatever information you fill at the time of registering the account on, we get the basic information of our members. There are some mandatory columns which a user will have to fill and while others are optional to keep blank. At the time of profile update, we collect other information of members.

There are many setting which helps you in making your profile information private or public. Information is distinguished based on its nature. It is private and public as per the requirement and sensitivity of the shared information.

* Public information:

Any information revealed in reviews, comment boxes, or at forums, is public in nature. Other members or non-members can see and use such information. There is no control over public information. So, it is solely on users that what information they would like to reveal as public information. is neither authorised to bother nor responsible for any such disclosed information.

* Private information:

Private information includes but not limited to gender, name, user ID, password, and email ID. The private information is optional to share. The more you share your information, the more will be chances to get the exact person. At the same time, keep your credit card and other important information private in order to avoid misuse of the information.

Use of information:

The information is used to make the requisite matches. You will come across the people based on your profile information. Also, based on your profile and interests, you will be invited to take volunteer participate in various surveys and contests. does not share any information with third parties unless and until the same is required by law.

Non-disclosure agreement: and user of the platform both are abode by NDA (non-disclosure agreement). If any person discloses the information before taking the consent of the other party, the other party get the right to sue.

With whom my information is shared?

The main aim to collect information is to get the good match and enhance the user experience. We ensure the complete security of information. We share only that information which is voluntarily given by the users to express and clicked it as ‘public information.’

* Information shared with third parties: does not share any information with the third parties without consent of users. If you register through any co-branded version of our site, it means you allow the site to share profile and other basic information with such co-branded partners.

* Information shared with partners:

No personal information is shared with any partner of We do not sell, share, and trade any personal information to any third party or partner.

Option to delete account and information:

Users can delete, alter, or change any information, at any time, provided at our platform. Moreover, members can delete or deactivate the whole profile or account from

Security of personal information:

No matter for which purpose you are using, we are duty bound to provide you the safest platform. Considering this, we ensure the fullest security for the information provided to us. For the purpose of personal security, a user can block another user or add filters to the account.

The site has the ground level as well as the high-level security measures to take care that there is no loss or misuse of information which is in our control.

Links to other sites:

Some other sites are linked to Also, the website is fully authorised to provide links to other sites but it is not responsible for the safety and privacy of these other sites. Our policy is to aware people for these things before they leave our site and switch to another one.

Before providing any information to these other platforms, we suggest people to read the privacy policies and terms of use for ensuring secure using of the platform. Our privacy policy is related to our website and other platforms; it has no business with any other links provided on the website.


There are several services at that requires cookies to enhance user experiences. Almost all browsers accept the cookies by default. Users can delete cookies from the browsing history. In our cookies, we don’t keep username, password or any other information. Also, there is opt-out system that let not your browser save cookies.

It is just to remind you that cookies are used only to recollect information. Cookies help us to store links to the pages that a visitor scrolls on our site along with the number of the visited pages. These cookies are also used by advertisers to display the useful ads. In any case, a visitor can choose to delete or not to save cookies.

Opt-out choices and policy: displays different advertisements according to the search of the users. Being a user, if you are annoyed with these ads, the site gives you opt-out choices. By applying these choices, users can block ads and cookies.

Limitation of liability: is not responsible for any damage done by any people due to site’s content. We have limited liability policy. After registration, we give user control to members. We aim at providing the quality data along with the easy access, but we are not liable for anything that happens to users directly or indirectly.

Alteration and updation:

The policies are subject to change from time to time. contains all rights to update, alter, change or modify any information provided under this privacy policy. In case of any material change takes place in policies, it is posted on the privacy policy page. So, it is advised to check this page frequently to stay updated.

Contact information:

Considering the seriousness of the security and privacy, we, at, abide by this privacy policy. Both the parties are open to sue in case of non-compliance with the privacy policy and terms and conditions. If you have any query or concern pertaining to the privacy policy, you can contact us directly. Don’t hesitate to contact; our people will reply you soon!